Demedicia – insta’rtiste

Vous l’avez sûrement remarqué, le blog a une nouvelle bannière !

Celle-ci a été réalisée par Demedicia, talentueux insta’rtiste anglais, spécialiste du dessin et de la customisation de chevaux en plastiques, d’après des photos de la secouette !

Je lui ai posé quelques questions et il a accepté de me faire parvenir quelques unes de ses créations pour que je vous montre !

Scan 4.jpg

1- Peux tu te présenter ? / Who are you ?

I am Calvin, but I am mostly known as Demedicia. I am a 22 year old from England and I am currently in my last year of my BAHons in Graphic Design and Fine Art. I am planning to carry on to do a masters degree in Linguistics and Design.

Sadly I don’t ride as much as I would like to anymore, hopefully I will be able to get back into it more frequently soon!

2- Comment t’es venue cette passion du dessin et des chevaux ? / Since how did you draw horses ?

I have always adored horses. I have been pretty much obsessed with them since I was a child, and that is when the drawing started. It has really been an ongoing love throughout my life.


3- Peux tu me parler de tes figurines ? / Can you talk about customizing plastic horses ?

A few years ago I did a custom Princess Luna figure, I was featured on Equestria Daily (A well known My Little Pony fan website), from there I received great feedback but never really continued with it.

Recently I have been collecting Breyer figures and saw the stunning customs and repaints people were making. That is what really got me back into it again, and I finished my first Grand Champion custom about a week ago. I am currently working on a few Breyer figures now, but they are no where near finished !

custom_my_little_pony_princess_luna_by_demedicia-d7tj2fq copy.jpg

4- Quels sont tes projets pour la suite ? / Do you have current or futur projects with drawings and customs ?

My plan with Instagram was to draw more, I never expected for it to gain any attention. I am planning on carrying on with Instagram for as long as I can because I have met some great people on there!

I am hoping over the summer I can take on some larger drawing and custom projects, but right now it is very hard to find the extra time, so I am looking forward to having a break!

Retrouvez Calvin sur :

sa page instagram : @demedicia

Son blog

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